Written works – 5 most common mistakes in writing scientific works

Written works – 5 most common mistakes in writing scientific works

Writing a written paper requires a high degree of discipline and time. In order to do the writing work well, you should not only look into the subject of the research work, but also prepare the necessary materials properly. Even the most discerning students have some mistakes in writing their research work, and what to say about students when a paper or a course paper is done last night.

While studying and assisting in writing, 5 major mistakes that students make when writing their research papers. It is said that the wise are learning from their own mistakes, and the wise – from strangers. After reading this article you will find out what mistakes should be avoided in order to get a good evaluation of your writing.

The first mistake is: Do not get into the work topic. It is often the case that when starting to write scientific papers, students only get superficially acquainted with the topic of work. The consequence of such an error is the lower quality of the writing work and, of course, the costly time spent. What does this mean? In this case, you will have to reconsider the topic of the work, collect new information and rewrite the final thesis (course or diploma).

The second mistake is that there are no reciprocal sections of the written work. All the written work must be consistent and reveal a certain problem. Each part of the work i.e. introduction, theoretical and investigative, must complement each other and perform the main purpose of the paper – to reveal the problematic nature of the topic of the paper.

The third error: The conclusions do not fit the purpose of the work. It often happens that the student deviates from the problem in question when writing his research work, i.e. at the end of the thesis, with no conclusions and recommendations, there is no correlation with the purpose of the written work that started at the beginning of the work. It is very important that you always have the purpose of your work, which you should follow throughout the writing process, when writing your scientific works in front of the eye.

Fourth error: Inappropriate citation of literature – plagiarism. This is one of the most common student mistakes! It can even happen to the most honest student, just forgot to put quotes on the quoted text or without quoting the author. Malicious misappropriation of quotations is considered plagiarism, for which the student’s work may be underestimated or even subject to even greater penalties – removal from a higher education institution. Therefore, with the help of other authors, carefully and vigilantly check that all the quotes are composed and that all literature sources are listed.

Fifth error: Non-compliance with methodological requirements. Each written work from the smallest to the most complicated as a doctoral thesis must comply with the methodological guidelines for the preparation of the work of your higher education institution. This information needs to be read before starting the scientific work. This will avoid writing mistakes.

Knowing the most common mistakes you can avoid in your work.

Learn from the mistakes of others and success in writing scientific works!

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