How to prepare for the defense of a Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis?

How to prepare for the defense of a Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis?

Writing a Diploma – Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis – is responsible for the study phase. The diploma paper is used to capture the acquired knowledge throughout the study year, while the presentation of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis is completed. Defending a diploma thesis is a joyful event, after which the student receives a earned assessment – a diploma. However, defending a bachelor’s or even a master’s thesis does not seem easy for all students. Most graduates experience less or greater stress. In this article, we suggest that you prepare for the defense of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis and a smile at a diploma ceremony.

1. Know what is written in your bachelor’s (master’s) thesis. In order to meet the defense of the final thesis without stress, you have to be sure of every word, table, picture or number in your writing work. Only when you know everything about your work even in the middle of the night, will you be able to calmly go to defense.

2. Prepare the delivery in advance. Do not delay the preparation of the presentation until the last days. Prepare a presentation for at least a week before defending your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. In the meantime, thoughts about improving your presentation will get lost, you will have enough time for the fixes and you will know the content of your presentation. For these reasons, the final thesis defense will not stand in the eyes of slides.

3. Sign the language for defense. Be sure to sign up for the ready-made presentations. Despite the fact that you know your work perfectly and have your thoughts in the slides, sign at least the main points you will talk about during the defense. In addition, bachelor (master) work defense time is very limited, only 7 – 10 min. Therefore, the extra time for writing a language will only benefit you, as you will know how to use it every minute.

4. Repeat. Regardless of what great orators you are, the advice to you – at least several times – to defend your bachelor’s (master’s) thesis. Initially treat yourself in front of the mirror, see what body language you use. When you feel more courageous, present your work presentation to your relatives and friends. Ask them to write comments on your language style, body and mimic expressions, and even better on filming. With a video clip, you can look at yourself from the country. You will feel the timbre of your voice, listen to your presentation, and see how you are talking. It will not be easy, because often we are afraid to listen to or watch ourselves. However, we guarantee that this will be the perfect solution to help prepare you for an excellent bachelor or master thesis defense.

5. Ask questions about work. When you present your work to your loved ones, ask them to ask questions about your delivery. During the defense, you will receive 3-8 questions from the commission. The questions asked by the relatives will help you to improve your final thesis defense.

6. Sleep. Yes, be sure to relax and relax in the fateful day of the student’s life. Don’t stay up late with your friends or make a presentation. The best way you can help yourself on the day of the remedy is to have a good feeling and light thoughts in mind.

7. Look representative. During the defense of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, traditional clothing will certainly not. Get dressed in the day before – dress up your clothes, clean your shoes. It is best to prepare everything in advance so that you do not have to twist your head in the morning, what to prepare to look properly. It is very important that the clothing is comfortable for you. Try to match a representative look and feel good with the chosen clothing.

So, if you use these tips, you will go to the defense of a bachelor’s (master’s) thesis in a calm and confident way. Good luck getting ready for a special day!

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